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Shades :: Designer Light Switches and Electrical Fittings in ANY colour

Online Catalogue |  Shades :: Designer Light Switches and Electrical Fittings in ANY colour

FINALLY colour comes to the world of light switches and plug sockets! Forget boring off the shelf finishes and let The Decorative Switch Company brighten up your life with our ultra slim, ultra stylish fittings available in any RAL, BS or custom colour of your choice! Make your fittings work with your interior design not against it, and remember COLOUR MAKES YOU HAPPY!

Electrical Fittings in ANY colour!


Electrical Fittings in ANY Colour!


Oyster white, strawberry red, saffron yellow, azure blue, peacock green, choose from any of the 210 colours in the RAL, BS381C or BS4800 ranges. We also offer an expert colour matching service. Simply send us a sample of your required colour (paint swatch, kitchen splashback sample etc) and we will get to work to find the required match. (NOTE: a £25.00 colour match fee applies).

The finished products feature a robust hard wearing coating in a matt finish that looks fantastic and will stand the test of time.

These fittings have been used in many areas including kitchen splashbacks, interior design schemes, retail outlets, showrooms, refrbs and renovations and much more.


What's more the range is huge and so we have a fitting for all requirements from light switches, dolly switches and plug sockets to fused spurs, cooker points and brush plates. All available in any colour. Choose from:

  • Light / Dolly / Toggle Switches
  • Plug Sockets
  • Dimmer Switches
  • TV/FM Aerial / Telephone / Sky Plus / AV Outlets
  • Cooker Control Units / Fused Spurs / 20Ax / 32Ax switches
  • Brush / Letterbox Plates
  • 1G-24G GRID Plates with any combination of switch modules
  • and much more

Delivery is normally 7 to 14 days from receipt of order. All jobs are priced on an individual basis based on the number and type of fitting and the required colour. Economies of scale apply and so the greater number of fittings you have in any 1 colour the more the price drops off. To be cost effective we recommend a minimum of five fittings . Above five fittings the cost for common fittings is typically ú18-ú35 each and on receipt of a list of requirements a quotation will be provided.

Please email quotation requests via our contact page, and you can have perfectly colour matched switches on your walls in 7-14 days.

The full list of colours available in the RAL range is shown below and remember we can also colour match to any BS or custom colour of your choice. Note that the colour chart below is for reference only as colours vary from computer to computer.


RAL 1000
green beige
RAL 1001
RAL 1002
sand yellow
RAL 1003
signal yellow
RAL 1004
golden yellow
RAL 1005
honey yellow
RAL 1006
maize yellow
RAL 1007
daffodil yellow
RAL 1011
brown beige
RAL 1012
lemon yellow
RAL 1013
oyster white
RAL 1014
RAL 1015
light ivory
RAL 1016
sulfur yellow
RAL 1017
saffron yellow
RAL 1018
zinc yellow
RAL 1019
grey beige
RAL 1020
olive yellow
RAL 1021
rape yellow
RAL 1023
traffic yellow
RAL 1024
ochre yellow
RAL 1027
RAL 1028
melon yellow
RAL 1032
broom yellow
RAL 1033
dahlia yellow
RAL 1034
pastel yellow
RAL 2000
yellow orange
RAL 2001
red orange
RAL 2002
RAL 2003
pastel orange
RAL 2004
pure orange
RAL 2008
lum. bright orange
RAL 2009
traffic orange
RAL 2010
signal orange
RAL 2011
deep orange
RAL 2012
salmon orange
RAL 3000
flame red
RAL 3001
signal red
RAL 3002
carmine red
RAL 3003
ruby red
RAL 3004
purple red
RAL 3005
wine red
RAL 3007
black red
RAL 3009
oxide red
RAL 3011
brown red
RAL 3012
beige red
RAL 3013
tomato red
RAL 3014
antique pink
RAL 3015
light pink
RAL 3016
coral red
RAL 3017
RAL 3018
strawberry red
RAL 3020
traffic red
RAL 3022
salmon pink
RAL 3027
raspberry red
RAL 3031
orient red
RAL 4001
red lilac
RAL 4002
red violet
RAL 4003
heather violet
RAL 4004
claret violet
RAL 4005
blue lilac
RAL 4006
traffic purple
RAL 4007
purple violet
RAL 4008
signal violet
RAL 4009
pastel violet
RAL 4010
RAL 5000
violet blue
RAL 5001
green blue
RAL 5002
ultramarine blue
RAL 5003
sapphire blue
RAL 5004
black blue
RAL 5005
signal blue
RAL 5007
brillant blue
RAL 5008
grey blue
RAL 5009
azure blue
RAL 5010
gentian blue
RAL 5011
steel blue
RAL 5012
light blue
RAL 5013
cobalt blue
RAL 5014
pigeon blue
RAL 5015
sky blue
RAL 5017
traffic blue
RAL 5018
turquoise blue
RAL 5019
capri blue
RAL 5020
ocean blue
RAL 5021
water blue
RAL 5022
night blue
RAL 5023
fern blue
RAL 5024
pastel blue
RAL 6000
patina green
RAL 6001
emerald green
RAL 6002
leaf green
RAL 6003
olive green
RAL 6004
blue green
RAL 6005
moss green
RAL 6006
grey olive
RAL 6007
bottle green
RAL 6008
brown green
RAL 6009
fir green
RAL 6010
grass green
RAL 6011
reseda green
RAL 6012
black green
RAL 6013
reed green
RAL 6014
yellow olive
RAL 6015
black olive
RAL 6016
turquoise green
RAL 6017
may green
RAL 6018
yellow green
RAL 6019
pastel green
RAL 6020
chrome green
RAL 6021
pale green
RAL 6022
olive drab
RAL 6024
traffic green
RAL 6025
fern green
RAL 6026
opal green
RAL 6027
light green
RAL 6028
pine green
RAL 6029
mint green
RAL 6030
high reflective green
RAL 6032
signal green
RAL 6033
turquoise blue
RAL 6034
pale turquoise
RAL 7000
squirrel grey
RAL 7001
silver grey
RAL 7002
olive grey
RAL 7003
moss grey
RAL 7004
signal grey
RAL 7005
mouse grey
RAL 7006
beige grey
RAL 7008
khaki grey
RAL 7009
green grey
RAL 7010
tarpaulin grey
RAL 7011
iron grey
RAL 7012
basalt grey
RAL 7013
brown grey
RAL 7015
slate grey
RAL 7016
anthracite grey
RAL 7023
concrete grey
RAL 7024
graphite grey
RAL 7026
granite grey
RAL 7030
stone grey
RAL 7031
blue grey
RAL 7032
pebble grey
RAL 7033
cement grey
RAL 7034
yellow grey
RAL 7035
light grey
RAL 7036
platinum grey
RAL 7037
dusty grey
RAL 7038
agate grey
RAL 7039
quartz grey
RAL 7040
window grey
RAL 7042
traffic grey A
RAL 7043
traffic grey B
RAL 7044
silky grey
RAL 7045
telegrey 1
RAL 7046
telegrey 2
RAL 7047
telegrey 4
RAL 8000
green brown
RAL 8001
ochre brown
RAL 8002
signal brown
RAL 8003
clay brown
RAL 8004
copper brown
RAL 8007
fawn brown
RAL 8008
olive brown
RAL 8011
nut brown
RAL 8012
red brown
RAL 8023
orange brown
RAL 8024
beige brown
RAL 8025
pale brown
RAL 9002
grey white
RAL 9004
signal black
RAL 9005
jet black
RAL 9018
papyrus white
Electrical Fittings in ANY Colour!
Electrical Fittings in ANY Colour!
Light switches, plug sockets, dimmers, TV/FM outlets, telephone outlets and more, available in ANY colour! Prices start at £16.99 + vat per switch. Pricing depends on number of colours / quantity required etc.

Contact us on 0800 622 6705 for pricing.


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